How To Polish A Car

Step 6: Rinse the Battery and Dry it Off. Use water to rinse off the corrosion and baking soda from the car battery. Use your towel to dry the battery and its terminals. Step 7: Add Petroleum Jelly to the Posts. Apply petroleum jelly to any exposed metal on the posts, clamps and cables.

Right now, I am going to show you how to polish light to medium scratches out of a car with a machine buffer. One machine buffer, I am going to start with the wool pad, these are Velcro, which are pretty neat, they just push on like so.

How To Polish A Car >> File:Old Polish car (8020450223).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

How To Polish A Car >> File:Old Polish car (8020450223).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

How To Polish A Car >> Nu Finish Car Polish

How To Polish A Car >> Nu Finish Car Polish

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